Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Creating Mail Merge Templates, Part 1

May 27 2015 17:31 by Jackie Brajner
Creating mail merge templates can save your company time when creating letters, labels and envelopes.  You can create templates from Microsoft CRM 2013 or 2015 via the web client or in your Microsoft CRM database within Outlook. In part one of Creating Mail Merge Templates, we will review where to access and save templates.  Select the Settings tile from the main Microsoft Dynamics CRM menu.    Select the Templates tile from the Settings menu.    Click on Mail Merge Templates.  To create a new mail merge template, click on the New icon.      A new window will open where you can name the template, provide a description and associate the entity.  Note, associating the entity dictates for which entity you can perform a mail merge.   Click the Save icon.    Once you have saved the template, your menu options will change.  Select Create Template in Word to open a Word document and complete your merge document.   Watch for part two where we will review creating the mail merge letter and uploading it to Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  If you would like more information on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, contact us at or call 800-880-1960.

Three Reasons to Work with a Certified Consultant for your CRM Implementation

May 11 2015 14:04 by Kimberly Goulet
Why should you work with a certified consultant for your CRM implementation?  Outlined below are three of the most important reasons.   1.     Experience.  Many companies assume that because they have an IT department or work with an IT consultant, they do not need to hire a certified CRM specialist.  While it’s true that most IT professionals are very knowledgeable and competent regarding computer networks and commonly used software packages, they often have not had a great deal of experience in CRM.  With a successful CRM rollout, experience is key.  A veteran professional who specializes in CRM can help an organization navigate the process to avoid pitfalls and keep the project within budget specs.         2.     Support for IT.  Information Technology department resources are often stretched thin.  The department bares many responsibilities for the company’s operations and cannot devote a full measure of attention to the CRM implementation.  Further, an in-house CRM system can require additional investments in IT infrastructure, such as servers and corresponding software, along with ongoing maintenance and support.  A CRM consulting firm can supplement those in-house resources with technology and training support.  In addition, hosting your CRM with a trusted partner, like TopLine Results, eliminates the need for costly infrastructure investments.   3.     Knowledge.  As a Microsoft Silver Certified Partner, TopLine Results has completed many hours of training and work dedicated to customer relationship management.  Our team has passed rigorous exams and met annual requirements set by Microsoft to insure its partners are well equipped to counsel and guide organizations to a successful CRM solution.  With experience, comes knowledge.  For more than fifteen years, TopLine Results has led the way in implementing CRM for clients in wide-ranging industries – from financial services to manufacturing, and local governments to healthcare.   Experience, support for IT and knowledge – these are three keys to unlocking CRM in your organization.  We will work together with your IT professionals to deliver a CRM system tailor-made to your organization.  Call us to get started today, 800-880-1960.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015: Universal Search

March 30 2015 16:37 by Doreen Bridges
Microsoft has recently released its latest version of CRM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015.  This announcement celebrates the sixth version of the product since 2003 and demonstrates Microsoft's commitment to continually provide innovative, state-of-the-art technologies to customers.  Today we will review how to use the Universal Search feature.   When you logon to CRM 2015, you will notice the site map now contains three functions that will remain static as you navigate throughout the system.   Two of the functions, the Create and Advanced Find, which are not new, now appear in the main area. Universal Search is new and will allow a user to perform a search across the main tables and organize the results by form as shown below.  Each result is a hyperlink which allows you to navigate directly to the data.  This feature is a great timesaver as it reduces the number of clicks when searching for information.  We are sure that you will enjoy this new feature!  For more quick tips on using Microsoft Dynamics CRM, click here to sign up for our newsletter.

Create Quick Shortcuts for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Pages

March 18 2015 14:58 by Dan Boehm
While working in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, do you find yourself repeatedly creating new phone calls or other types of records?  In version 2013 or 2015, you can easily create quick shortcuts for your commonly used MS CRM pages. Start by going to the New Phone Call page by clicking on Quick Create button and choosing Phone Call. Next, click on the Pop out button which will open your New Phone Call record in its own window.   The address bar in your web browser now contains a very long set of words and characters. You can now either: 1.     Save this web address to your browser favorites. 2.   Or, click on the icon just to the left of https:// and drag that to your desktop. Now every time you open that shortcut either from your browser favorites or by double-clicking on the desktop icon, it will launch the page you saved. Remember, an important key for this shortcut is that you must go to the desired quick-access page in CRM and click on Pop-out button.  You can save almost any page in Microsoft Dynamics CRM this way. Contact TopLine Results at for more ways to improve your productivity in CRM!

The Greater Flexibility of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Deployments

March 13 2015 11:50 by Fred Varin
One key differentiator among Microsoft Dynamics CRM and its closest competitors is deployment flexibility.  With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, businesses can choose from three powerful deployment options:  partner-hosted, on premise, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM online.   For a large organization with abundant infrastructure and resources, this flexibility allows them the opportunity to compare and implement the most cost-effective solution, while leveraging their existing resources.  When analyzing cost effectiveness of deployment options, it is important to consider all of the variables.    While it is fairly easy to evaluate costs such as software, software maintenance, installation and implementation; it is a bit harder to predict the cost of the hardware required to operate the CRM system along with the technical expertise required to maintain the system over time. In addition, future hardware and software upgrade costs must be considered.   For a small or medium size company with 10 to 100 users, the return on investment (ROI) for a hosted CRM solution is a very attractive choice.  Choose partner- or vendor-hosted deployments to join the millions of CRM users in the cloud.  At TopLine Results, we provide a partner-hosted option to our clients which includes many benefits over a vendor-hosted option, including personalized US-based service.  Taking the time to compare your options is well worth the effort.    For more information or to receive a personal CRM comparison for your business, contact us at 800-880-1960.  

New Features Now Available in TopLine Maps

February 12 2015 08:07 by Chuck Wojciuk
The latest release of TopLine Maps for Microsoft Dynamics CRM includes some exciting new features.  ·         Select and map or route multiple contacts ·         Print your map now with optimized text driving directions -    Use the print button next to the search bar to get accurate directions ·         Add locations from the search bar and they are automatically added to the route ·         Easily import TopLine Maps to CRM ·         Free and easy-to-follow installation instructions and tutorial.   Best of all, it’s still free!  To install, use the link below to download:.

Three Reasons to Integrate Constant Contact and Microsoft Dynamics CRM

January 30 2015 15:14 by Jackie Brajner
Did you know TopLine Results can assist with integrating your Constant Contact email marketing account with Microsoft Dynamics CRM?  Combining these powerful tools helps you not only stay in contact with your clients, but also allows you to track your overall campaign success.  Below are our top three reasons to integrate Constant Contact and Microsoft Dynamics CRM today. 1.     Manage lists in one place.  Harness Microsoft Dynamics CRM to segment your database into the perfect target markets to build your marketing lists.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM marketing lists will then be uploaded to your Constant Contact account automatically.  You can then send emails directly to these lists. 2.     Hands-free database updates.   When a contact unsubscribes from your email blast, their record will automatically be updated in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  This will be indicated as Do not send marketing materials.  3.     Automatic email-response scoring.  After your email campaign is sent out, campaign responses are generated automatically and assigned a score of interested, not interested, do not send marketing materials, or error.  This gives your sales team a quick lead list for immediate action.  Contact TopLine Results to set up a demonstration of the integration and how it can help your marketing team.  Don’t have Constant Contact?  Download a trial today!

Ring in the New Year with the Latest Release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM!

December 8 2014 15:07 by Kimberly Goulet
Microsoft has announced the latest release of Dynamics CRM with general availability beginning this month and into the new year.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM 7.0, also called CRM 2015, brings some exciting updates to the CRM experience, with an emphasis on improving collaboration between marketing and sales in an organization.  The list below highlights some of the new features.   - Marketing enhancements including improved campaign ROI tracking - Introduction of the new sales collaboration panel for targeted selling - New email editor with HTML template capability - Debut of new product families for improved cross-selling opportunities - Sales hierarchical views for real-time forecasting - Microsoft CRM for tablets enhancements   In the coming weeks, we will be announcing launch webinars so you can preview all of the new features live.  Also, watch our blog for more details about the new features.   To reserve your spot at one of our upcoming webinars, email us at or call us at 800-880-1960 x106.

CRM 2013 Easy Navigation Tips

November 3 2014 13:14 by Fred Varin
Below are three quick tips for navigation in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013.  It’s as easy as 1 – 2 – 3!    1.     In Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013, the familiar menu format has been replaced by a tile organization system.  While navigating CRM using the tiles, you may have to scroll to the right of the screen repeatedly to see the tiles under the various menu categories.  This may be challenging at times, because your mouse may go off course as you are scrolling to the right which will force you to go back to the beginning and start over.  To save yourself time, use your mouse’s scrolling wheel which will allow you to move through the tiles and select your desired tile without the need to move your mouse.  Try it!    2.     Now, as you scroll down to the right with your mouse wheel, you will see that each tile has a down arrow.  This arrow gives you the ability to go directly to a record that you have recently viewed without performing a look-up.   3.     Finally, use the ‘pin’ feature to set your default view for your query lists.  Simply select your preferred view and then click on the pin icon to the left of your drop down list of views.  Now that view be shown each time you visit that area of CRM.    I hope you enjoyed these 3 quick tips for navigating MS CRM 2013.  For more tips, subscribe to our newsletter by emailing us your contact information to

Don’t Miss the ‘Your Business in the Cloud’ Workshop

September 18 2014 15:43 by Kimberly Goulet
‘Cloud’ is the latest buzzword in the business world.  So, what is ‘the cloud’ and what does it mean for your business?  Simply put, the cloud is hosted services.  Hosted services can encompass many things including CRM, VoIP, Office 365 and more.  For an in-depth exploration of cloud services and how they can impact your bottom line, you do not want to miss our upcoming ‘Your Business in the Cloud’ Workshop on October 21, 2014 in Waukesha, Wisconsin.  Southeastern Wisconsin’s top technology thought leaders will converge to bring you the latest in cutting-edge information technology, business strategy and cloud solutions.  Below is a summary of the presenters and their topics: ·         Learn how to take a strategic approach to technology implementation. Presented by:  Bruce Kestelman of the WCTC Center for Business Performance Solutions ·         See the latest release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and get a hands-on tour of the mobile app.  Explore how to effectively manage your marketing campaigns with CRM. Presented by: Fred Varin of TopLine Results Corporation ·         Discover the advantages of Office 365 and see if it is right for your organization.  Examine the differences between public and private clouds to determine your perfect fit. Presented by:  Sarit Singhal of Superior Support Resources ·         Get a guided tour through VoIP telephony and see how it can save you money. Presented by:  Carey Castner of Digicorp ·         Uncover five proven methods for overcoming obstacles to business growth. Presented by Chris Carman of ActionCOACH of Elm Grove   Walk away with a greater understanding of cloud technology and how it can impact your business.  This free event includes continental breakfast, a business workbook, special offers by our sponsors and some great prizes!  Stay for our lunch-and-learn session following the presentation and get your questions answered.  Don’t miss this great opportunity.   Learn more and sign up today!